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The Beauty of 21th century

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It is January 2014. Winter in my home country, Hungary. We were swimming in the Andaman sea with my friends when I decided to write this post.

We came to Thailand for a month long trip in the middle of hungarian winter. Did I spend my full yearly holiday allowance at the beginning of the year? Obviously not. I only took a few days to get here and I am going to work the whole month with the hungarian team. This is possible because:

  1. I am a software developer
  2. We (the people) have the software to do this
  3. My company is really flexible
  4. I do not spend all my money for stuff

1. A software developer can work from anywhere. I only need a computer and an internet connection and I can do my work. There are definitely lots of jobs out there where you can do this and there will be even more as the 21th century advances.

2. Software development evolved so far that we created systems that support this remotely thing. Actually my company develops these kind of softwares so it was straightforward for me to use:

  • LogMeIn Hamachi for VPN (so I can access the network of my company)
  • LogMeIn Pro to access my office PC if I need it
  • to attend company meetings
  • and of course I use Skype for international calls

3. LogMeIn allowed me to do this trip so they definitely showed me how friendly is this company. Actually there is a 6 hour time shift between Hungary and Thailand so I work with the guys from 4 pm to midnight (so I can spend almost my whole day freely).


4. I am a regular reader of Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog and the post which I linked above is one of my favorites and I completely agree with that. People who know me enough knows that I love to live with less and less stuff. I do love experiences instead.

These four factors are the main reasons why I am here. And I really love it. A few decades ago I could not have done this and I believe that it is going to be even better. The opportunity is here and growing. The opportunity is available for more and more people. You can do this also, you just have to believe in yourself. Really.

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